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1987 Buick Grand National

ABOUT Crawdaddy Classic Cars

Hello this is Crawdaddy. I locate and restore modern classic cars for clients all over the world.

I focus on sleepers that are undervalued in the market and usually do well on the risk/reward curve. Having owned over 80 modern classics myself, I know that well-curated cars always rise in value. But you have to pick them right. 

My cars are known for documented low miles, showroom condition, and affordability.

Major market players like Barrett Jackson have bought my cars for resale in their dealerships.

A few have been featured in classic car magazines. I'm close to Sky Harbor Airport in sunny Phoenix

 and happy to pick you up in the car you are flying in to see. 


A catalog of 80 modern classics I have restored & shipped to collectors in Spain, Denmark, Finland,

Belgium, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, and all over the USA.

Click on the photos for a description of each car and where it landed.

Our work
1972 Buick Riviera
1978 Pontiac Bonneville 400 Coupe

Give me a holler!

To inquire about a car,

 contact me directly:


Crawdaddy (Richard Dance)


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